The immersive digital platform for Quebec’s classical music community

Quebec’s new showcase for classical music

A Festival Classica initiative, this new Quebec showcase for classical music will be developed in collaboration with the Quebec-based digital transformation company ellicom/LCI LX. It will be an exceptional tool that will make it possible to extend the life of live concerts through live recordings and rebroadcasts in addition to and in tandem with the physical presentations. All Quebec classical music organizations and artists will be able to upload their content free of charge and successfully monetize it thanks to an innovative marketing strategy and a user fee schedule aligned with comparable offerings on other existing platforms.

An affordable platform for Quebec artists and organizations

This platform will mainly serve Quebec-based classical music artists and organizations, however, collaborations with musicians from other countries could also be envisaged. The essence and purpose of this project will be to ensure the accessibility of the platform to our artists and organizations at a low, or even no, cost to simply upload content. It will also provide a hub for Quebec’s offer of digital classical music concerts while fostering healthy collaborative relationships throughout the cultural sector ecosystem in Quebec.

Monetizing content to generate new revenue streams

This platform will be an excellent tool to monetize content in a fair manner and generate new revenue streams for Quebec musicians, not just during periods of pandemic but also in normal times, as it will complement the live concert. Quebec’s artists deserve to have their talent recognized through fair remuneration, in the form of fees or royalties, which will help ensure they can continue to exercise their art and make a decent living from it. In addition, personalized advertising space will also be offered to organizations, musicians and their sponsors, which will provide them with exceptional exposure. Each of these independently managed elements will present opportunities to generate additional income for artists.

An additional derivation of the live concert

The digital programming will allow scores of Quebec artists and organizations to develop content that will act as both a complement and a derivation of the live concert. If they wish, they will also be able to make use of a competitively priced and customizable recording and broadcasting service.

The content will then be available for rebroadcast. Historic concerts and archival content will also be made available.

Classical music lovers will be offered curated listening experiences adapted to their preferences, along with a few surprises. They will also receive monthly discoveries along with artists to watch for that are sure to become new favourites!

Unprecedented visibility for Quebec’s music infrastructure

The concert and performance venues used in the deployment of the leconcertbleu.com digital platform will benefit from unprecedented visibility. The platform will also showcase Quebec’s built heritage, namely its magnificent churches, whose exceptional acoustics make them particularly conducive to creating intimate atmospheres.

Introducing classical music to new generations and making it widely accessible

This initiative will make it possible to not only reach all Quebec classical music lovers but also introduce classical music to new generations via technological and digital tools that are sure to capture their interest. The platform will be positioned as a state-of-the-art pedagogical tool, and its technological features will generate significant traffic, ensure the sustainable development of cultural initiatives and broaden access to classical music.

A range of unprecedented virtual options

The platform’s virtual options will offer an immersive and multi-sensory experience: catalogue, live and recorded concerts, media library, discussion room, 360° interactive exploration room, backstage at the concerts, 360° concert segments, musical meditation videos, master classes, meetings with artists, and recording and integration of conferences and interviews.

and Quebec’s tourist regions: a natural pairing!

The launch of the leconcertbleu.com platform will also be an opportunity to highlight the musical offerings of the different tourist regions of Quebec by matching them with suggestions for a particular region’s agri-food products to be savoured at home while listening to a top-quality concert. The musical and gourmet journey of each region of Quebec will showcase its great vitality through a variety of “musical happy hours.”

Festival Classica immersive platform

As a content creator, Festival Classica plans on being one of the leconcertbleu.com platform users with its upcoming programs, among them, its 2021 edition, which will be presented under the theme From Wolfgang to Amadeus. This edition will feature more than 20 concerts. The immersive, digital Festival Classica will be an opportunity to experience music before, during and after the concerts!